• Club and Venue Installation Design

    Rather than relying on an installation company to perform a design for your venue, Purple Lighting can create unbiased lighting designs for club, bar and similar venue types.

    As an independent designer, installation design will be created based on ideal fixture choices rather than what an installation company can make the most mark-up on. Our installation light shows will never go un noticed and create drama and atmosphere regardless of who is operating the control systems.

    Programming of the lighting is always of arena / stadium quality, but with controls that are easy to use, 1 simple button can change the mood of the entire space, a DJ for example can quickly hit a button that will change the whole lighting rig from something mellow to a crazy, high energy show, then easily at the press of the button drop straight back. We have seen many installations where the programming seems to be split separately for each fixture, thus a DJ who is busy doing his job would have to press multiple buttons incrementally changing the mood, rather than one big impact button push. A second more advanced page is always available for when a venue has a more experienced operator dedicated to the task.

    We create designs and programming that will impress the public the moment they enter the space, people wont be able to help take photos of the look and instantly post on social media giving the venue more online presence.

    We can be brought in to create a design to be installed by the clients installation company of choice, or we can advice on an installation company.

    Take a look at some programming video examples from the Cream25 show : Click Here


  • Sheiks Night Club - Bognor Regis

  • FlipOut Trampoline Park - Chichester & Ashford

  • AV Club, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia