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    Welcome to Purple Light, a multi award nominated design and or programmer/operator service directed by Simon Horn, working in Touring, Concert, Corporate and Installation disciplines.
    In both design and programming the ethos is to create striking wow factor imagery, respecting all mediums including lighting, video, LASERs and custom set pieces.
    Pride is taken in delivering concepts where all components within the design work in harmony, while respecting lighting and video should be a landscape painted around a performer to compliment their performance, while never over shadowing them (unless that is what the artist wishes!)
    Imagination is key, Simon is a firm believer that just because a light can move it doesn’t always have too. More exciting movement can be created in so many other ways though colour, beam shaping and intensity effects. When he does actually use movement he tries to find interesting ways of doing so.
    Simon Horn was shortlisted as one of the final 3 designers in the 2018 Knight of Illumination Awards in the Event category. A very proud moment to be one of 30 people to that date in the last 10 years to have ever been nominated for that award. 

    Please see the "About me" section for a MiniCV and more background information.
  • The Digital Light Train - As seen on TV!

    A world first to the standard gauge steam heritage railway scene. A whole steam train covered in fully controllable pixel mappable LEDs both inside and out.

  • This concept is the result of combining a steam enthusiast with 5 years footplate experience whom is also a very talented lighting designer and programmer. This is multiple passions coming together with the want to give the ultimate illuminated steam strain experience and the final mission to make the passengers on board experience as / if not more exciting than viewing from the outside.


    Months of R&D paid off as this captured the world’s attention, from BBC National News to Moscow television.

  • Simon’s want by creating this was to help the heritage railway industry by producing a “show on rails” that will capture the hearts of everyone young and old and bring more people to ride steam trains that never would think to.

    For more information or to arrange a meeting to deliver this to your railway please go to the contact page.

  • BBC South Today Footage

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