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About Us

Welcome to Purple Light, a multi award nominated design and or programmer/operator service directed by Simon Horn, working in Touring, Concert, Corporate, Heritage Rail and Installation disciplines.  

From just supplying one of our lighting operators, through to a full design and audio visual production delivery service we have it covered. 

We also are experts in digital LED pixel technologies, we provide a full technical service of pixel system design and build, including the sale of LED pixel tape and pixel neon flex and budget friendly prices! 

Please click on a service below for more detailed information.  


Production Design

Lighting/Set design, programming and operation for concert touring, live and corporate events.

Heritage Rail Production

Specialist lighting/sound production and installation services for the Heritage Railway Industry.


Supply & Operation of affordable high power full colour LASER show systems


Expert design & complete system build/supply of digital LED pixel systems (LED Tape, Neon Flex, Bullet Nodes etc)   


Supply of DMX controlled multi zone wireless LED wristbands.  

Production Design

Lighting Design – LED Integrated Set Design – Programming – Lighting Operators

We provide design and/or programmer operator services for Touring Concerts, Festival, Corporate and large DJ events. 

In both design and programming the ethos is to create striking wow factor imagery, respecting all mediums including lighting, video, LASERs and custom set pieces.
Pride is taken in delivering concepts where all components within the design work in harmony, while respecting lighting and video should be a landscape painted around a performer to compliment their performance, while never over shadowing them (unless that is what the artist wishes!) 

Imagination is key,  we are a firm believer that just because a light can move it doesn’t always have to. More exciting movement can be created in so many other ways though colour, beam shaping and intensity effects. When we do actually use movement we tries to find interesting ways of doing so.
A further USP is expert understanding of digital LED tape and productions a like, in our projects we have pushed the boundaries of this technology and are able to deliver complete one stop integrated custom LED set pieces….and most famously for us a full size steam train covered in LED pixels!    


Purple Lighting Design Render1

Concert – Touring Design Gallery

Since 2011 we have worked with some fantastic artists either in full design capacity or supplying programmer/operators for other designers.  

Corporate Lighting Design

We offer corporate or production companies delivering corporate events a full design service and or programmer operator service. 


Project managers often hire us to take their show concept to the next level. 

Designs can be created based on a in house stock of equipment, a pre defined fixture quantity, or to fit into a cross hire budget. Project managers can step back and relax as 3D renders, CADs, Patch lists and Kit lists are all generated by Purple Light.

Festival & Event Lighting Design

Festival and general event design is where it all started back in 2000 with Simon Horn as in house lighting designer his local festival -the Chichester Real Ale & Jazz Festival.

Like corporate work we are happy to either to just supply a programmer/operator with or without one of our consoles, or deliver the full design creative for the contracted production supplier.

Further more we can work directly for the festival and offer full design consultancy. 


To date we have worked on festivals in the above capacity such as…

The Isle Of Wight Festival – Big Top, Cream 25, Shiiine, Goodwood 3 Friday Nights, End of The Road Festival, The Big Chill, Global Gathering, Hop Farm, Beautiful Days, Greenbelt, Rox On The Prom, Chichester Real Ale & Jazz Festival.

Below is a sample of some of these shows.  

Heritage Rail Production Support Services

If you work in the heritage steam industry then you will be very aware of illuminated trains! Here at Purple Lighting we are proud to say we are responsible for what have been regarded as the most impressive light trains out there, known as “The Digital Light Train.” 

But our services to Heritage Rail are not exclusive to the light trains….. 

Light Trains (Halloween - Christmas)
Event Lighting & Sound Consultancy 
Sound System (PA) installation
Sound System (PA) Hire
Lighting (Effects, UP Lights) Hire

We believe we are the UK’s expert in bringing technical production and design services to heritage railways. 

Wether you wan’t the full light train show, want to improve lighting & sound for other events, need some spooky lighting with a creepy music mix for halloween trains, struggling with wireless microphone systems or looking to permanently install a high quality PA system in your trains then we can help. 

Simon Horn

Meet Simon Horn…..

Simon is Purple Lighting’s director and has been in love with all things steam since his primary school days after a trip out on the footplate with his uncle, a driver at the Lavender line at the time.
Some years later after a 5 day footplate days and ways experience course run by the late Clive Groome Simon decided he wanted more, so in 2014 he began volunteering in the locomotive and engineering sheds at The Watercress Line eventually making his way to the footplate and passing his firing exams in 2021. 

Simon’s career in the production industry has seen him follow his dreams and found himself flashing lights around the world for some of the biggest pop acts of the time. There are many people who hail as lighting designers and operators but only a small percentage have the dedication and skills to make it that far, very much like the privilege of working on the footplate. 

Thus taking Simon’s “top link” experience in the event production industry, his passion for entertaining and combining this with his railway experience puts Purple Lighting at the forefront of heritage rail event production services.      

We now have a strong team of lighting and sound technicians working under Simon’s guidance and training whom love working on steam railways, so much so a number have signed up to volunteering as cleaners themselves.  

When it comes to permanent installation of sound systems and alike we have contractors who work on our technical team that also have spent years professionally working on maintaining and restoring MK1 coaches.

Purple Lighting is full of passion for steam, we are focused at bringing our expert skillset and experience to helping Heritage rail in bringing more passengers to the railway in any way we can.

For more detailed information on our digital light train product please click this link

Contact Us


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Purple Lighting LTD
Registered Address
14, North Mead, Chichester
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LASERs one of the most exciting lighting inventions of all time! But in a festival scenario things can get a little messy when LASER operators and lighting operators do not talk. 

With a combination of Pangolin Beyond software set to work directly with lighting consoles we program the LASERs directly onto the light consoles to take control of the LASER show in direct harmony with the main lighting.  

We can supply a lighting operator or arrange a full package of LASER’s, Console and Operator. 

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